About Us

Customer service is the starting point for each engagement, governed by our core values, in order to deliver services that are relevant to our customer’s needs.  We are committed to building long-term professional relationship with each of our customers based upon mutual respect and the age-old principle of ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated’.

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We know that you are unique, so we strive to customize our services based upon your unique needs and expectations in order to provide comprehensive solutions that provide optimal value to you.  We also know that your needs and expectations may change, so as part of our commitment to you, we are available for phone calls, email, or meetings at no additional charge.

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Your time is important to us.  We enjoy meeting face-to-face, but it is just not always convenient to “stop by the accountant’s office.”  Accordingly, we have implemented technologies to securely support email portals, electronic signatures, remote access, and online bill payment.

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