The professional tax and accounting services provided by our firm comprise the means through which we seek to deliver valuable solutions to each of our clients by putting our core values and key commitments into practice.

We think of our various services simply as the individual parts of an overall, comprehensive solution designed to assist you in reaching your goals.  It starts with the question, “What do you need, expect, and desire from your relationship with your accountant?”  It may also include such questions as:

  • What is most important to me as those services are performed?
  • What are the 20% of the accounting, tax, or bookkeeping issues that seem to consume 80% of my efforts?
  • What information would be the most relevant to making my day to day operations more efficient and effective as well as reaching my long-term goals?

We realize that the answers to those questions will change from time to time, especially as businesses grow and are faced with new situations or challenges.  Some situations may call for one-time or short-term services whereas others may require on-going services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  Below is a listing of various aspects of some services we provide that may be a helpful starting point as you consider those that are most relevant to you.  You may consider some more important than others, while some may not even apply at all.

Solutions related to tax services include:

  • Preparation of federal and state income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, not-for-profit entities, and estates and trusts;
  • Consulting related to choice of entity;
  • Sales and Payroll tax returns;
  • Tax planning on a predetermined basis or as new situations arise;
  • Local taxes, such as business tax license and tangible personal property tax schedules.

Solutions related to bookkeeping services include:

  • Check writing services;
  • Payroll and direct deposit preparation;
  • Bank, credit card, and other account reconciliations;
  • Customized management reports;
  • Support for QuickBooks and other accounting packages.

Solutions related to accounting services include:

  • Preparation, compilation, review, or audit of annual or interim financial statements;
  • Construction contractor statements and preparation of contract schedules;
  • Audits of entities subject to Government, Single Audit, or HUD auditing standards;
  • Consulting related to internal control and procedures;
  • Attest examinations or reviews for title companies related to ALTA Best Practices.

Not only do we seek to customize our services into comprehensive solutions that are most important to you, we also hope to optimize the value of the solutions you receive in relation to the associated cost.  As we consider the types of services you find most relevant, we also will consider the level of service that best fits your needs.  We put the utmost of professional care into all of our work, so this level of service in no way refers to the quality of the services you receive.  Rather, it refers to other variables such as timing and methods used to perform those services.  Some examples may include variables such as:

  • Will the services need to be performed on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis?
  • Will the source documents be sent electronically, dropped off at our office, or picked up at your place of business?
  • What is the extent and nature of various management reports that will be prepared?

Typically, we will consider three scenarios based upon our discussions with you related to what you consider to be most important to you.  Each will include a listing of services and the proposed price for the package.  This is the time to get creative with your accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services.  It allows us the opportunity to fine tune and really customize our services around what is most important to you and eliminate those that are not.  Consider the following sentiments that have been expressed by clients in the past:

  • Our transactions do not change much, so we really do not need regular bookkeeping services as much as we need someone to work with us so that they are recorded correctly and help with new transactions that only occur on rare occasions.
  • We really need to know our job costs on a regular basis and would love to receive a monthly analysis on those costs, but we are not too concerned about general expenses because we feel we have a pretty good handle on that.
  • I have purchased QuickBooks and plan to record all of our income and expenses, but I would just like someone to help me set-up my processes so that it does not take so long to do it.

We will customize our services to best fit your needs, wants, and expectations for professional accounting and tax services.  In doing so, please bear in mind that all services will be performed according to the standards of our profession.  Accordingly, not only will we work with you to optimize the value of the services you receive, but you can also be assured that all services will be performed with the utmost professional integrity.

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